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10 may/02

Court Opens Way for Gay Teen to Attend Prom

Courts and public opinion decades ahead of Catholic schools on human rights issues

Justice McKinnon in siding with Marc Hall on the issue of whether he can bring his boyfriend to his high school prom, has signaled that when institutions accept public funds they accept to follow public regulation. One of the most important of these regulations is the requirement of non-discrimination (Ontario Human Rights Code & the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms).

The Coalition in Support of Marc Hall believes this ruling not only allows a kid to go to his prom without hiding (or hating) who he is. It also signals to all lesbian, gay or bisexual kids across Canada that they have a right to lead their lives with dignity and with protection against discrimination.

Spokespersons for the Coalition will join Marc at:

Media Statements and Photo Op of Marc on Way To Prom

Today           May 10th         4:30 pm

Oshawa CAW - parking lot; 1425 Phillip Murray Avenue

The Coalition will also be hosting a CELEBRATION RALLY to thank Marc and his boyfriend J.P. for their courageous battle.


and Community "Thank You" to Marc Hall and J.P.

Saturday          May 11th           2:00 pm

Cawthra Park; Outside 519 Church Street, Toronto

Sponsored by The Coalition in Support of Marc Hall. Marc will be available for brief one-on-one interviews following a brief public program and scrum.

For more information: David Corbett (counsel for Marc Hall): 416-920-3030 Douglas Elliott (counsel for the Coalition): 416-362-1989 Marilyn Byers (spokesperson for the Coalition): 416-225-2232

The Coalition in Support of Marc Hall includes: Canadian AIDS Society; Canadian Auto Workers Union; Canadian Federation of Students; Canadian Unitarian Council; Catholics for Free Choice; Catholic Network for Women's Equality; EGALE Canada; Metropolitan Community Church of Toronto; Ontario Federation Of Labour; Parents & Friends of Lesbians and Gays; Pride York Region; Public Service Alliance of Canada; and many other organizations.